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Jon Trew is a highly experienced safeguarding trainer with particularly experienced at delivering training on 'E-Safety' and 'Working with Fathers'. He has a very wide experience of working with children from some of the most excluded and deprived groups. Jon has worked with preschool children as well as young people leaving care, children with disabilities and those involved in the Youth Justice system. As Manager of Gibbonsdown Children’s Centre he was responsible for setting up and running the first children's centre in Wales. When working for Cardiff Gypsy Sites group Jon set up and ran the first summer play scheme and youth club for Gypsy Traveller children in the country. Jon has a wide experience of hands on work as well as working at a strategic a level. Jon is married with two children and rescues greyhounds in his spare time.

Recent Work

Sexting Broadchurch

I'm a big fan of the ITV detective series Broadchurch and of actor David Tennant, but was really disappointed last night when we saw Tennant's character, Detective Inspector Alec Hardy,...

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As fathers we have long been expected by society to be the 'punishers and disciplinarians' in family life. As a child I was warned wait till your father gets home!...

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Screentime and bedtime

Many teenagers and even some preteens have got into the habit of taking their phone or tablet to bed with them and the consequences can be really problematic. In a...

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New Fact About Grooming

Researchers at Swansea University this week released some remarkable findings into the tactics of on-line groomers. This ground breaking research is rather surprising and debunks a few of the myths...

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In Trouble with Twitter

Lots of young people and many adults too Tweet messages and are blissfully unaware that they can be held to account legally for the comments they make in them. As...

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